Welcome to the site supporting the Canadian Flames of War Tournament in Ottawa, to be held this year on September 3 and 4, 2016. We hope this web site can help you with your registration and any questions you may have on this up and coming event.

The 2015 Tournament was a great success with many players coming from all over Canada and the United States. We are hoping many of the players return to make the 2016 a great tournament.

Battlefront will again be running the event supporting us with trophies. Perkins Hobby shop will be sponsoring us again with providing us with the tables and terrain.

Last year, many players informed us they could help with bringing terrain to sponsor tables, including local clubs offering to sponsor and bring in tables for the tournament. If you are interested please contact me to let me know what you would be bringing, so we can make the arrangements at our end.

The 2016 Tournament will be a 1500 Early War (NO PACIFIC WAR BOOKS GUNG-HO, BANZAI) and again we will be looking for all our Canadian and American brothers to make this years Tournament a great success. See you on the Battlefront

Louis Santerre